Enhance and expand on the possibilities of the
Ai-Ball with our latest applications for the iPhone,
iPad, and Android platforms.

Ai-Ball AV Recorder (iOS and Android and Windows)
Record audio, video, and snapshots on your
iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and PC.

Ai-Ball Multiview (iOS and Windows)
Allows user to detect and preview multiple Ai-ball connected to Local Area Network (LAN). The app also allows user to record the video. iOS app allows user take snapshot too.

Ai-Ball Motion Detection (Android and Windows)
Records video (with timestamp) on your android devices and PC when motion is detected. Audio is recorded for android devices too.

Ai-Ball IP Camera Setup (Windows)
Guides you in LAN/WAN setup for your Ai-Ball and automatically sets up your Ai-Ball with your LAN router information.