Ai-Ball AV Recorder (Windows)

Ai-Ball AV Recorder records audio and video on your PC.

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Ai-Ball AV Recorder records audio and video on your PC. This app remembers your preferred location for video files saving, preferred mode (uAP/Ad-hoc/Infrastructure) and your infrastructure mode URL. It saves you the hassle in reconfigurations for new video recording sessions.


Version: 1.0.1
Date added: December 29, 2011

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7




Step 1: Switch to "On" button of Ai-Ball.

Step 2: Connect to Ai-Ball SSID for Ad-hoc/uAP mode. Connect to the router your Ai-Ball is configured to for infrastructure mode.


Step 3: Start Ai-Ball AV Recorder progam.


Step 4: Click on "Settings" Button. Select the folder to save  your video clips by clicking on "..." button. Configure your preferred mode (Ad-hoc/uAP or infrastructure mode). You can configure the infrastructue mode URL, username and password too.


Step 5: Click on "Recorder" button. The program will stream the video stream to the application window.  Press "Record" button to start recording the AV file. Press "Stop" to end the recording.


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